Best Urologist Doctor in Delhi India - Dr. AK Saini

About Me

Dr Ashish Saini is one of the most experienced and talented urologist available in Delhi NCR, India and has an experience of more than 12 years and has conducted more than 5200 urology surgeries successfully. Dr Saini has an illustrious education background having done MBBS and MS (Surgery) from the prestigious King George Medical College Lucknow.

He followed it with M.Ch in Urology from India's best Medical Institute All India Institute of Medical Science. He was Assistant Professor in the Department of Urology at (AIIMS), New Delhi for close to 4 years before venturing into private practice.

His clinic is well equipped to provide treatment for all kinds of complex Urology Surgeries like Uro oncology and Reconstructive Urology, Robotic Surgery and Endourology and Minimally Invasive Surgery, Thullium Laser Prostatectomy for Prostate Enlargement.

A brilliant Urologist candidate he was awarded Prof BG Prasad Gold Medal for highest marks during MBBS. He was awarded the GR Chawla Gold Medal for Best Resident in urology in 2010. He did Observership from University of Southern California Los Angeles under Doctor Inderbir Gill and Doctor Shlomo Raz in June 2010. He did fellowship in Renal Transplant in the year 2015 under Prof. Nakagawa, Kagoshima, Japan.

Doctor's Views

The Northern states of India have a significant number of patients suffering from Kidney Stone, bladder cancer due to genetic and geographical factors and need the best affordable treatment from an Urologist expert. The patient needs intensive evaluation and evidence based individualized approach to cure his ailments.

The prostate enlargement is on a rise due to ageing population but our expert Urologist Dr AK Saini has the best hands in treating such cases & is trained in doing all kind of Minimally Invasive Surgeries pertaining to stones like Flexible Ureteroscopy (RIRs) PCNL, Mini PCNL & URS. I have been trained extensively in laser prostatectomy (HOLEP & THULEP). At (AIIMS), New Delhi, I was doing Robotic Surgery and Endourology with Minimal Invasive Surgery for kidney, Prostate and Bladder diseases.


  • Awarded Prof. BG Prasad Gold medal for obtaining highest number of marks in the final professional part–I MBBS Exam 2002
  • Book prize for securing Second positionin MBBS second professional Exam 2001
  • Book prize for securing first positionin MBBS final professional part-I Exam 2002
  • Book prize for securing second position in MBBS final professional part-II Exam 2003
  • Silver medal & certificate ofhonors in social and preventive medicine
  • Silver Medal & certificate of honors in microbiology
  • Certificate of honors in pathology
  • Certificate of honors in pharmacology
  • Certificate of honors in ophthalmology
  • Certificate of honors in ENT
  • Certificate of honors in pediatrics
  • Certificate of honors in Obstetrics & Gynecology
  • Certificate of honors in Surgery

  • Masters of surgery, MS(General Surgery Residency)
  • Awarded Best Resident Award for recognition of excellence in academic, clinical, research performance in residency period in 2007.
  • Thesison “Clinicopathological Evaluation of BPH and Carcinoma Prostate with Metabolic Characterization of Prostate Tissue with High Resolution Magic Angle Spinning Proton NMR”: Selectedas the best thesis for the year 2006 in the department of surgeryand sent for the best thesis award UPASICON 2006
  • Awarded Medha Patkar certificate of appreciation

  • Super Specialisation (Magisterchirurgiae, MCh) (Urology Residency)
  • Awarded GR Chawla Gold medal for best resident in Urology 2010
  • CMC LUDHIANA BEST POSTER FIRST PRIZE “Isolatedureteric metastasis from adenocarcinoma of prostate masquerading as transitional cell carcinoma” IN NORTH ZONE USI held at Amritsar Oct 2009
  • Selected as American Urological Association RESIDENT SCHOLAR 2010 and attended AUA annual meeting at Sanfrancisco in May 2010
  • Observership at University Of Southern California Los Angeles - under Dr Inderbir Gill in June 2010
  • Observership at University College of LosAngeles - under Dr Shlomo Raz in June 2010
  • Chandigarh Best Video session(Second Prize) for “Robotic Assisted Inguinal Lymph Node Dissection: Initial experience” at USICON Jan 2012(Bangalore)

  • Faculty

  • Selected for International Forum for Young Urologist (IFFU) Beijing, China 2012
  • JUA (Japanese Urological Asociation) fellowship in Renal Transplant in Year 2015 under Prof. Nakagawa, Kagoshima Japan
  • Reviewer of IJU and International Journal of Urology since 2012
  • Vijaywada best poster first prize for “Micro RNA analysis in patients with RCC and its correlation with prognosis” at USICON 2016, Hyderabad

  • Research

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