Erectile Dysfunction Treatment in Delhi

Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction (ED): is the inefficiency of the penis to grow adequately rigid and perform sexual coitus.
In the majority of instances, ED is not a disorder but an indication of an underlying intricacy.
If you are looking to get Erectile Dysfunction treatment in Delhi which has become a routine and bothersome problem, you can come to Excel Advanced Urology Center where Dr Ashish Saini a reputed Urologist surgeon can help you get back your erection that is firm enough for sex.


There are collective causes such as medications, injuries, diseases or psychological problems contributing to this condition. Some of the most common causes are:
- Circulatory problems These are the primary causes for this condition as erection occurs when the penis is filled with blood and the valve below it traps the blood. Due to high blood pressure, cholesterol, clots, or diabetes the phenomenon fail to occur.
- Cancer can interfere with nerves and arteries essential for erection.
- Peyronie’s disease This causes fibres and plaques to accumulate in genital organs thus causing hindrance to blood flow.
- Surgery and pelvic injury The nerves that stimulate erection process can be accidentally damaged through surgery or injured because of pelvic or spinal injury
- Hormonal disorders This is caused due to lack of testosterone that can lead to failure in the erection
- Depression is also the most common cause that can affect your physical and psychological state.
Addiction to smoking, alcoholism, and certain drugs like cocaine, opioids etc., are altogether responsible for such a condition.

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Symptoms for ED Cure:

ED may be a significant indication sign of cardiovascular disorder symbolizing blockages are formulating in a man's vascular system. Studies also reveal that men with ED are at notable risk of getting a heart attack, stroke or circulatory problems in the legs. ED also generates conditions like :
- Trouble getting an erection
- Trouble keeping an erection
- Reduced sexual desire

Diagnosis for ED Cure:

Your surgeon performs diagnosis to clearly conclude the problem in erection and then design the treatment plans accordingly. The diagnostic methods that are followed in our clinic are Physical examination, Blood test, Urine test, Ultrasound, and Psychological exam.

Treatment methods for ED Cure:

Oral medications

Intake of oral medicines such as Sildenafil (Viagra), Tadalafil, Vardenafil, and Avanafil can ease out the process of erection. These medications enhance the activity of nitric oxide thereby relaxing the muscles of the penis and promoting the erection process by stimulating the blood flow.

Injections and hormonal replacement

Alprostadil self-injection is given in the base or side of your penis and Alprostadil urethral suppository are placed in the urethra region in order to make the erection to last longer for about an hour. In addition, testosterone replacement is recommended as a low level of this hormone can again complicate the erection process

Using penis pumps, implants, and surgery

A penis pump is a vacuum erection device which is either hand powered or battery powered that can pull up the blood into your penis required for erection. The implants are placed on either side of the penis that is inflatable or malleable to serve the purpose of achieving an erection. Surgery is also an option recommended when rest other things are not producing desired results.


You and your partner can visit us for psychological counseling where our doctor finds ways to mitigate your stress, anxiety or depression that is causing this disorder and thus helps in ED Cure.

Exercises and Yogas

ED Cure - Recent studies have shown that practicing some aerobic exercises and yoga asanas can improve erectile dysfunction problems.

Shockwave Therapy in ED

Blood flow is crucial to a man’s erections and when a man is sexually aroused, arteries stretch so that his penis can get filled with blood. The blood is what delivers the penis the solidity needed for vaginal insertion. An individual who has obstacles with blood flow to the penis may have weaker erections or may be inefficient to have erections at all.

Shock wave therapy is a novel and promising procedure useful in the treatment of Erectile dysfunction. It is officially called low-intensity extracorporeal shockwave therapy (Li-ESWT). The procedure is a non-invasive in nature and during this procedure the low-intensity sound waves is passed through the erectile tissue which benefits in restoring natural erectile function by clearing plaque out of blood vessels and ultimately encourages the growth of new blood vessels. The shockwave treatment gives a remedy in that it modifies the problems that cause the dysfunction in the first place and gives the desired outcome by men with ED.